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Chambres d'hôte au coeur du vignoble jurassien
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The region


Côtes du jura hills and its wine, whose character is so engaging ; Le Vernois, is known for the sparkling wine (crémant) of a quality and delicacy issue: The Pearl of “côtes du Jura” for these small bubbles.

A touristic attraction, due to the beauty of the places

Château-Chalon, a small medieval village on the tope of arocky outcrop. There, the “liquid gold of the Jura”, in other words the yellow wine, is born. The picturesque and authentic blind valley of Baume-les-Messieurs surrounds the well-known “Abbaye d’Observance Bénédictine” and its Romanesque Church.

Many beautiful houses for winemakers still exist; they have an elegant roof, red stones and vault. Many castles have strong and magnificent shapes: Frontenay, Arlay, Le Pin, Lavigny, l'Etoile … Arbois, the land of Louis Pasteur, who stayed close to the house of his family. There is still the old interior and Pasteur’s laboratory. People living in Jura are welcoming; they love their region and relate its history with passion.

Many activities nearly

Ballooning for a flight over all these places, wine tasting in many caves, visit of the cheese factory in Lavigny; walking or cycling on the lanes crossing the vineyards; Opening (Percée) of yellow wine in February, International Jumping in Lons le Saunier in June, Spa in Lons-le-Saunier, golf in Val de Sorne.
Do not miss the visit of the Salines Royales in Arc et Senans, Salins les Bains, the region of the lacks : lacks of Vouglans, of Chalain, of Clairvaux, cliffs, belvederes and caves, site de Cornu - Chaux-des-Crottenay présume Alésia, Cascades Du Herisson, La Villa Paladienne à Syam, Dole et ses vesiges Romains, raptors and birds to Grange-sur-Baume...

Chambre d'hôte "Le Relais de la Perle" : Crémant rosé du Jura (Clavelin)Chambre d'hôte "Le Relais de la Perle" : Château-Chalon

Chambre d'hôte "Le Relais de la Perle" : Château-Chalon et ses vignes

Chambre d'hôte "Le Relais de la Perle" : L'Abbaye de Beaume-les-Messieurs

Chambres d'hôte "Le relais de la Perle" : Château du PinChambres d'hôte "Le relais de la Perle" : Les vignes du VernoisChambres d'hôte "Le relais de la Perle" : Coucher de soleil sur le lac de VouglansChambres d'hôte "Le relais de la Perle" : Cascades du Hérisson